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Our Process

With these steps, we can insure that your ideas are heard, your options fully explored and your preferences prioritized.

Step 01 - Goal Discovery

This first step in the process is the most important because it allows us to align on how we will define success together.  We will seek to understand your goals and identify what an ideal transition will look like for you.  

Step 02 - Education

Once we understand your goals, we’ll educate you on the process and explore with you the options available ensuring that you have the peace of mind to know that the path forward is the best course to achieve your goals. 

Step 03 - Practice Analysis

We will gather financial and operational information about your practice so that we can analyze trends, top performing areas, growth opportunities, and financial metrics.  This analysis serves as the foundation for the quantitative factors potential partners utilize when putting forth a strong offer. 

Step 04 - Partner Selection

The partner selection process explores the qualitative factors that determine whether a potential partner aligns with your philosophy so you can determine the right fit for you – before the financial terms cloud the overall picture.

Step 05 - Offer Negotiation

We’ll procure multiple offers, create a true “apples-to-apples” comparison, and ensure maximum value is achieved by focusing on the terms that matter most.

Step 06 - Letter of Intent

By leveraging our expertise, you can be confident you are entering into a well-structured agreement that accurately reflects the deal terms negotiated and lays the foundation for transaction success with a potential partner.  

Step 07 - Due Diligence

Leveraging all of the documentation gathered through the process, our team helps you navigate the specific due diligence process outlined by your selected partner to lessen the burden on you in pursuing a smooth and timely path to closing. 

Step 08 - Legal Review

Our team partners with your legal representatives to ensure the negotiated deal terms are memorialized and to provide you with the confidence to understand all aspects of the legal documents from purchase agreements to employment agreements to lease agreements.

Step 09 - Close

The best part! 

You’ve found the right partner for the long-term, all the deal terms have been agreed to, all the contracts have been finalized, you just need to cash that big check and celebrate!

Step 10 - Life after Close

We know this process doesn’t end at a closing and our team is there to support you and answer questions as you transition into this next exciting chapter.  

a process specifically designed towards

Maximizing the Value & Lessening the Burden

The 7 Pillars process is designed to maximize the value your receive while also lessening the burden on you during the transaction process.

  • Practice Analysis Process – setting the foundation for transaction success
  • Partner Selection Process – ensuring alignment with your philosophy
  • Due Diligence Support – streamlining the process to lessen your burden
  • Market Expertise – negotiating successful deals based on your goals
  • Transaction Experience – identifying and mitigating risks before they occur

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