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What Happens to my Staff After a Transition?

In this video we explore the impact of practice transitions on employees and discover strategies that can help navigate this critical phase with sensitivity and efficiency.

What Is a DSO?

We cover the main components of what makes up a Dental Service Organization (DSO).

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What Can a DSO Assist With?

Learn about some of the main ways a DSO can support a dental practice. We discuss both the operational and clinical components of DSO support.

How Long Does the Process Take for a DSO Transaction?

Our team gives an overview of how long DSO transactions typically take, and the variables which can affect the timeline.

Where is the DSO Market Heading?

In this video we discuss where we think the DSO market is trending in 2023 and beyond.

What is EBITDA?

In this video our team gives an overview of EBITDA. We discuss how it applies to dental practices and their valuations.

How Are Doctors Compensated After a DSO Partnership?

We discuss some of the possible compensation routes available to doctors who partner with Dental Service Organizations.

This video discusses how doctors and operators can best prepare for the arduous practice transition process.