Client Success Stories with Dr. Jason Montgomery, DDS

In our latest episode of ‘The Dental Deal,’ Brett sits down with Dr. Jason Montgomery and discusses his practice transition process from start to finish. Dr. Montgomery is a distinguished local dentist based in Dallas. This enlightening episode delves into the intricate world of dental practices, transitions, and the often-misunderstood concept of Dental Service Organizations. This episode gives a firsthand account of what the transition process is like from the doctor’s perspective. 

Dr. Montgomery opens up with the history of his practice, Lonestar Dental. The narrative unfolds as the Dr. Montgomery recounts his practice’s journey, beginning with the challenges of retiring partners and the decision to eventually merge practices with his wife, Dr. Sivie. Their eventually decision to sell to a DSO sets the stage for a captivating exploration of the intricacies of a clean and efficient practice transition orchestrated by 7 Pillars.

The episode takes a candid turn as Dr. Montgomery discusses the reservations he and his wife initially harbored about DSOs. The couple had heard numerous ‘horror stories’ surrounding these organizations, a notion that many dentists can relate to. Additionally, they found the cookie-cutter processes offered by a big transition firm off putting. They realized the importance of a personalized and flexible approach heavily focused on education and the choices available.

As the conversation progresses, Dr. Montgomery emphasizes the need for a thorough and inquisitive approach to researching DSOs..

A highlight of the episode is Dr. Montgomery’s candid reflection on the DSO transition process from start to finish. Initially uncomfortable and unsure of the questions to ask, Drs. Montgomery and Sivie found the guidance from Brett and Michael at 7 Pillars invaluable. The narrative takes the audience through the variety of partnership choices the couple had to explore – from large DSO conglomerates to private equity groups to start-up DSOs.

Beyond the financial aspects of the deal, Dr. Montgomery shares the profound realization that the transition was about more than just monetary value. With at least 7-10 more years of practice in sight, the deal became a holistic journey that forced the doctors to think long term and about the legacy of their practice.

The episode unveils the pivotal role of 7 Pillars in navigating Dr. Montgomery and his wife through the financial, business development, and marketing aspects of the DSO transition. The dynamic between the couple during the marketing phase adds a human touch, as differences in preferences surface. Dr. Sivie and Dr. Montgomery’s exploration of their disagreements during this phase adds relatability and authenticity to the narrative.

This episode of ‘The Dental Deal’ offers a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the world of dental practice transitions and DSO partnerships. Listeners are treated to a firsthand account of the challenges, hesitations, and triumphs that come with such a significant decision. Dr. Montgomery’s story can serve as a beacon for dentists navigating similar paths, emphasizing the importance of thorough research, collaborative partnerships, and a holistic approach to practice transitions. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the dental industry’s intricacies and glean valuable lessons from Drs. Montgomery and Sivie’s practice transition journey.



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